Chakra Faceted 5mm Honey Citrine Silver Meditation Spinning Ring (Style# USA26-CIT)

"SOLAR PLEXUS" – from Energy Stone Chakra Collection spinner rings. 

This very handsome 925 sterling silver spinner ring features a 5mm faceted honey color citrine bezel set in the spinner. The rounded edge spinner spins smoothly and effortlessly on the base shank. The base shank has marked abstract texture pattern making the ring interesting. The ring shines brilliantly with a high polish finish which brings out the beauty and whiteness of our beloved silver. brings out the beauty and whiteness of our beloved silver. 

Citrine, a yellow stone, pertains to the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra has the following characteristics:

Location - Just below the xiphoid process of the rib cage.

Color - Yellow.

Musical Note - E.

Sound - Ah.

Instrument - Frame Drum, Seed Pods.

Subtle Connection - Oneself with the world.

Stable Chakra - Healthy self image; good boundary between oneself and the world.

Unstable Chakra - Excessive power seeking; workaholic; angry with the world; low self-esteem; feels powerless; always seeking outside approval. 

This Solar Plexus ring is a perfect gift for someone whose birthday is on November as citrine is the birthstone of November. Citrine in fashion goes well with color tone such as purple and blue.

Because of the ring over ring nature of a spinning ring, this ring cannot be sized. Energy Stone now offers rings in half size. We have always made our rings true to size with extra room to accommodate swelling of fingers during the day. That is to say, we make size 7 1/4 to sell as size 7 and size 7 3/4 to sell as 7 1/2. Having said that depending on how you like the fit of your ring, customers have reflected buying one size up is a good idea for wide band does fit tighter. This ring comes with a silver cloth in a beautiful magnetic closure ring box ready for gift giving. 

This ring is a handmade item, information on weight, height as well as the pattern on the ring may vary slightly from the description as no two rings are identical.

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