Energy Stone Never Quit Sterling Spinner Ring (Style US79)

My 14 years old son has always been empathetic to people in distress. After a session of online career aptitude test, I recognized his potential in a career of helping people in distress. We have yet to fine tune it. Will it be an emergency room worker? a trauma surgeon? or a combat doctor? He has always like flying and the outdoor and so he has his eyes set on becoming a pararescue. He told me the motto pararescue is "These things We Do, That Others May Live". My son, this motto is such a tall order! The risk, the courage, the physical strength, and the spirit that are required to live up to the motto of "That Others May Live" are so demanding. Will you ever be ready? Will you ever quit? The NEVER QUIT ring is one of the most artistic ring designed and made by Energy Stone. Rendering of high mountains with pinnacles reaching the clouds was made into the base ring. One solid round edge sterling silver spinner moves freely on the shank. Energy Stone dedicates the NEVER QUIT ring to people who surmount testing physical and mental conditions in their line of work to help others in distress. This ring weighs 8 grams and is about 10mm in height from knuckle to knuckle. Energy Stone now offers rings in half size. We have always made our rings true to size with extra room to accommodate swelling of fingers during the day. Depending on how you like the fit of your ring, customers have reflected buying one size up is a good idea for wide band does fit tighter. Because of the ring over ring nature of a spinning ring, this ring cannot be sized. This ring comes with a silver cloth in a beautiful magnetic closure ring box ready for gift giving. As a handmade item, information on weight, height as well as the pattern on the ring may vary slightly from the description.

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